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Double Chain Drop Earrings

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Yellow Gold
Rose Gold
White Gold
  •  A perfect drop earring to have in your jewelry collection. A quality gift for all birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, special days, etc. Must-have everyday gemstone jewelry.

    Hook Material: 925 sterling silver with lever back hook
    Drop length: 55mm



    Genuine tested gemstone

    Our gemstones, are earth mined, polished, and evaluated for the best quality.



    Quality Metals

    The pieces of jewelry are made from high-end sterling silver and 18k real gold plated.



    Gift packaged

    Our pieces of jewelry are gift packaged ready, with a message gift card. We make jewelry gifting easy.

    Made in the USA

    Our brand is a USA-registered brand. Made by skilled jewelry artisans.


  • Why give the gift of gemstones?

    For centuries, gemstones and crystals have been treasured, used for healing of both the mind, body, and soul. The gemstone guide below is the recognized traditional gift for the below anniversary celebration year. It can be weddings, work, years on earth, friendship, etc. For example, the gemstone gift for the 25th anniversary is sterling silver. These gemstones make you more connected to nature and bring in the positive energy that every special stone has.

    Why birthstones for birthday gifts?

    Birthstones are nature-made gemstones that are assigned to people born on that month. This makes the birthday gift connects with you and your loved ones in a special way, knowing that these stones are specially made by nature for you. Our gift message cards are included in the jewelry to explain its special features and energy, with space for you to include your gift message.

  • Jewelry Cleaning tips

    • Clean with silver cleaner
    • Wash with clean water, toothbrush, or dish soap
    • Store in a moist free area or in a felt-lined jewelry box
    • You can also store it in a silver cloth wipe or clear reclosable bag.
    • Wear them regularly, friction prevents tarnishing
    • Store your fine jewelry away from costume jewelry.





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