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  • Topaz Types And Their Healing Properties

    December 03, 2022 5 min read

    Topaz is one of the most beautiful and unique gemstones, owing much to its structural and healing properties. Thus, navigating different topaztypes and their healing properties can be difficult for many people. While Topaz properties can be challenging to understand, once you get to know them better, you can use different topaz jewelry to attain their healing powers.

    There are predominantly five types of topaz: imperial, mystic, azoic, white, and blue topaz. These gemstones are popular for their healing properties, which include soothing, recharging, and re-centering those who wear them. It is also known for building bridges between people.

    These gemstones are commonly associated with compassion and communication between people in order to help them connect more effectively. However, the properties of topaz can vary depending on the variety. In this article, we will delve deep into different topaz types and their healing properties. Let’s get started!


    The Crystal Structure And Properties Of Topaz

    Topaz is one of the most popular gemstones that is a silicate mineral. It is composed of aluminum, silicon, and fluorine. In its natural state, topaz is colorless. Different impurities, however, can cause it to turn golden brown, pale blue, yellow-orange, and so on.

    In topaz gemstones, the crystal structure is made of aluminum, silicon, and fluorine, giving the chemical formula Al2SiO4(F, OH)2.These gemstones are minerals that are made up of nesosilicates. It has a low refractive index and is one of the hardest natural minerals. Further treatment of the stones gives them beautiful colors like purple, pink, deep blue, and so on.

    When grown in an unrestricted cavity, topaz forms orthorhombic crystals with striations paralleling the crystal's long axis. As per the Mohs hardness scale, topaz scores 8. So, it is behind diamonds (10), rubies, and sapphires, both of which score 9. Anything with a Mohs scale value greater than seven is considered fairly durable because it is harder than quartz.

    The specific gravity of topaz ranges between 3.4 and 3.6. This value is unusually high for a mineral made of aluminum, silicon, and gaseous elements. Because of its high specific gravity, stream currents concentrate it into placer deposits. Its diaphaneity ranges from translucent to transparent.


    Types Of Topaz

    Topaz is a popular gemstone for jewelry gift ranging from an anniversary gift to a birthday gift or even a Christmas gift. Luckily for the topaz admirers, there are many types of topaz to choose from. So, the different kind of topaz are elaborated as follows.

    Imperial Topaz

    The imperial topaz is one of the rarest varieties of topaz gemstones. Their name comes from the Russian Imperial family because they were brought from Brazil to adorn the Tzarina's jewelry at the height of Imperial Russia's power. The imperial topazes are orange-pink or yellowish-pink, commonly found in Brazil and Russia.

    These topaz varieties are still one of the most sought-after topaz varieties today. People worldwide strongly believe that the imperial topaz gemstone stands for wealth, safety, love, and wellness. Imperial topaz can also heal, making it a beautiful gem with healing properties.

    Mystic Topaz

    Mystic topaz is one of the most unique and striking topaz gemstones. These gemstones are enhanced using the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. This coats the stone with a thin titanium layer, creating a multi-colored iridescent effect. As a result, the topaz gets an eye-catching rainbow effect as light passes through the gem.

    The mystic topaz has an incredible array of colors. These topazes do not have a single or specific color but a spectrum of different beautiful shades. This nature makes the mystic topaz one of the unique topaz varieties. People believe that this gemstone depicts kindness, warmth, and compassion. So, the healing powers of mystic topaz are for caring and nurturing.

    Azotic Topaz

    Like mystic topaz, Azotic topazes are enhanced through modern technology and artificial processes to add colors. The external treatment forms a thin layer of metafilm, resulting in an iridescent array of surface colors. However, these gemstones differ from mystic topaz because their base color is orangey-pink rather than colorless.

    It is natural to initially mistake azotic topaz for mystic topaz. However, the colors of azotic topaz are more vibrant in reddish-pink shade ranges. These stones represent true friendship, purity, happiness, and hope. It appears very royal in various types of jewelry. Azotic topaz jewelry is ideal for those with outgoing personalities.

    Blue Topaz

    Blue topaz stones are arguably one of the most popular topaz gemstones. There are several forms of blue topaz. But some of the most popular ones are Swiss Topaz and London Topaz. London topaz is a dark blue shade, almost inky. On the other hand, Swiss topaz is a lighter blue, almost resembling sky blue.

    Blue topaz is extremely rare in nature, but it can be created by bombarding white topaz with small bursts of radiation. The blue topaz is a stunning gemstone that looks perfect for almost every event. It can also be an excellent choice for presenting as an anniversary or a birthday gift. The gleaming blue stone represents harmony, peace, relaxation, and calmness.

    Glacier Topaz

    Glacier topaz is commonly known as white or colorless topaz. These gemstones can be as colorless and striking as diamonds. So, these stones can be a perfect choice for affordable alternatives to diamonds.

    Additionally, glacier topazes are popular for further treatments to create mystic and colorful topazes. Nevertheless, these topaz varieties are popular for a minimalist and elegant look. The glacier topaz is believed to stand for purity, innocence, clarity, and virtue. Its healing properties are providing care, and goodness, and represent nobility.


    Topaz: The December Birthstone

    Topaz is the original birthstone of the Scorpio. The blue topaz is also a birthstone for the Capricorn zodiac sign. Popularly, topaz is said to be the December birthstone that represents love, happiness, and prosperity.

    The original birthstone of Scorpio is the topaz. And since the topaz keeps up with the blue color scheme, the blue topaz belongs to the Capricorn birthstone. This is because blue topaz evokes a sense of frost and clear, icy blue skies. This nature falls under the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Capricorn zodiacs, making a special birthstone.

    Additionally, topaz is considered to be the December birthstone. The most popular topaz variations crafted into stunning jewelry pieces for December are the London topaz, Swiss topaz, and Sky-Blue topaz. As we say popularly- “last but not least” December is the lucky month of the year. It has three precious gemstones as its birthstones.

    Topaz is one of these lucky December birthstones. Blue topaz, is the astrological gemstone for both Sagittarius and Capricorn. It is believed to bring prosperity and happiness through its healing powers. Hence, blue topaz can be a remarkable gift for your loved family members and friends of the December zodiac to wish them well-being and prosperity.

    Its simple yet sophisticated look makes topaz jewelry one of the best gemstone options. From minimalist to grand occasions, topaz jewelry can be your favorite pick. At the same time, these jewelry pieces are a great way to wish for the wellness of your loved ones. You can make jewelry more meaningful through the healing properties of topaz.



    The varieties and properties of topaz can provide you with multiple healing powers. At the same time, these beautiful gemstones can be worn with jewelry as well. You can also present these gorgeous jewelry pieces as gifts to your loved ones on many occasions.

    So, make sure to look more into topaz jewelry, topaz types and healing properties. Thanks for stopping by!


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