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  • Top 7 Most Powerful Stones and Crystals to Attract Money

    July 17, 2022 5 min read

    Creating an abundant life is full of challenges, which is why it's always good to use every tool that can help. The hurdles holding most people back are their mindset and their belief system.

    However, by embracing the Law of Attraction and combining it with the magnetic power of crystals and stones that attract money, you can create the life of abundance you've always wanted.

    This article will discuss seven of the most powerful stones and crystals to attract money, so keep reading to find your favorite and learn how to take the first steps towards creating the life you've always wanted.

    How to Use Stones and Crystals to Attract Money

    Many types of stones will help manifest money and abundance. Throughout history, different cultures have used stones and crystals for healing, to find love, to protect from negative energy, to attract good luck, and generate wealth and abundance, but how can a crystal or stone achieve all these wonderful things?

    Abundance crystals are tuned to the universe's wealth and structured to attract and focus different types of energy. You can clean, charge, and program your crystal with your intentions, so it can help you manifest the wisdom to connect your mind with the answers you need. When you have the right solutions, you can make the right choices that move you closer to your goals.

    The most important thing to understand about using crystals and stones to attract money is that they don't work on their own. The crystals focus the energy, but the effort needs to be all you.

    Don't put a crystal in your pocket and expect to have money dropping out of the sky or strangers off the street handing you wads of cash. You will be disappointed because the universe doesn't operate like that.

    Seven Best Stones and Crystals for Attracting Money and Abundance

    Because there are so many facets to ensuring money flows into your life, you will likely need a small collection of crystals to achieve your ambitions. For example:

    • Tiger's eye and other grounding stones can help reign in your energy that may be too widely dispersed.
    • Spiritual stones like amethyst fortify your spirit and enhance your decision-making skills.
    • Various energy stones can fill you with more of the type of energy you need to overcome your obstacles.
    • Crystals for health, because we all could do with a little more healthy energy these days.

    Keep a crystal and stone collection around your home, in your office, or carry them on your person to access their innate powers and enhance the personal qualities that will lead you to success in your personal and business life.

    It would take an entire book to describe all the ways you can use stones and crystals to attract money, so we've narrowed down this list to seven of the most popular abundance crystals available from the best online crystal shops.

    1. Raw Citrine Crystal


    Raw citrine, sometimes referred to as the Merchant's stone, can be found on many a chakra stone bracelet to work in concert with other stones for attracting money, wealth, and abundance.

    Citrine can be stashed in cash registers to imbue it with the magnetic properties for wealth. You can also carry a small piece in your pocket, bag, wallet, or pocketbook to attract money and prosperity wherever you go.

    Use the pale yellow to brownish-hued crystal's powers to improve mental clarity, magnify positive energies, and promote self-confidence, all excellent qualities for creating an abundant life. A citrine healing crystal can assist with balancing the solar plexus chakra that allows you to accept yourself for who you are and all your vulnerabilities.

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    2. Amethyst Chakra Crystal

    This purplish stone has hidden depths that resonate across the spectrum. A single piece can hold shades of light pink to dark violet that pulse with a mesmerizing intensity as you move the crystal in the light.

    Amethyst is a powerful crystal, making it one of the most popular chakra healing stones. It can improve sleep quality, clear the mind, and fortify the immune system.

    For generating abundance, its properties can help to balance your emotions and give you greater clarity and enhanced decision-making skills.

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    3. Peridot

    Peridot is a green gem vibrating with the energy of growth, expansion, and vitality. It promotes optimism, creativity, and self-confidence, all essential traits for manifesting success.

    The radiant green crystal clears the solar plexus and heart chakras to encourage feelings of value and the confidence that you deserve abundance. Peridot is an excellent ally for overcoming the obstacles that block you from achieving your dreams.

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    4. Sunstone

    The iridescent sunstone includes traces of hematite and goethite that capture and refract the light. The stone is filled with the joy of summer that will carry you through the darker winter months and fill you with energy to power you through a slump.

    Just like the bright light of the sun will chase away the shadows, the sunstone will burn away the negative energies holding you back and prime you for work.

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    5. Smoky Quartz

    A rock of smoky quartz is the perfect stone to generate the energy for growth, new beginnings, health, and expansion. The translucent, brownish grey shades shifting from almost completely opaque to transparent lend smoky quartz a mysterious, otherworldly appearance.

    Holding a smoky quartz rock in each hand pointed downwards will absorb your sorrows and remove your negative energies where they will be cleansed, repurposed, and redirected by Mother Earth into positive influences. The crystal is also often used as an amulet of protection against theft and accidents.

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    6. Stibnite

    Stibnite is a dark grey to black crystal stone that may be difficult to obtain. Check all the best places to buy crystals online, and you will soon have one in your collection.

    It's not the cheapest stone for using crystal power to generate wealth, but consider it an investment that will pay for itself many times over when you get your hands on this beautiful gemstone.

    Stibnite is an excellent resource for setting an intention and keeping a laser-like focus on your goals. Like other black healing stones, the weight of the crystal imbues it with magnetic potential to attract personal accomplishments and new beginnings.

    7. Golden Healer Quartz Crystal

    If you are lucky enough to find a sample of golden healer quartz at a rock and crystal shop near you, then you shouldn't hesitate to add this beautiful crystal to your collection.

    Its common name is hematoid quartz, and its captivating golden hue will shine deep into your psyche to erase fear and doubt and promote deeper concentration, so you can focus on your goals and achieve success.

    Pieces of hematoid quartz are also popular as chakra healing stones because the powerful healing rock accesses the Golden Ray to help align the chakras and balance the yin and yang.

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